Was really thinking about this one as a viable option for a tagline for the simple fact that it embodies everything we do in two words. Each word separately has its own meaning.

Give definition - freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone). Freely is one of the keywords here. Grace is free. God’s grace was given to us freely through Christ. Romans 3:23-24. Which leads us to the word hope. 
Hope Definition - a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. The ultimate expectation is being reunited with God through salvation but there is more hope that exists. God's promises are what we can hope for. 

Expecting his hand to walk through our current circumstances with us. Isaiah 41:10

To provide for our needs when we trust in Him. Philipians 4:19

He will guide us ALWAYS. Isiaih 58:11

When people feel hopeless, that is when a lot of issues come. God’s word reassures us of God’s promises that we can hope for daily, that comfort us.

By freely giving to people the hope that was given to us and that is promised to come, lives will be transformed. Not because we did anything but simply because people are hearing God’s word.

Speak Truth In Love.
Grow More Like Christ.

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