Faith + Works

Faith Plus Works - Equippd

Faith = complete trust or confidence in Christ Jesus
Works = work done out of obedience to the gospel

Romans 3:26-28

Paul says a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law.
– Here he is speaking about the faith we should have for the sake of salvation
– before a man embraces the gospel all of his “work” is pointless

James 2:14

James says what good is faith without works.
– Here James is speaking about the same faith from Romans but this “work” he is speaking of is out of obedience to the gospel
– He goes on to say if someone is in need and you tell them to go get food and you have food to give, what is the point of your faith… then goes onto say that kind of faith won’t save you

These two scriptures say the same thing but from a different perspective.
– We are to have faith in Jesus and do good works out of our obedience.
– one without the other is wrong. 
– you show your faith but the obedient work you do for / from the gospel

An example James uses is Abraham sacrificing his son
– the work of sacrificing his son is called murder without faith
– Having faith without giving up his son is called doubt
– Abraham demonstrates both faith and works when God told him to sacrifice his only son
– he had faith that God could raise a man from the dead. That he will work everything out for his good as promised. 
– When he put his son on the alter to be sacrificed. And he did and was blessed

Another example James mentions is the prostitute Rahab hearing and doing – Joshua 2
– Rahab heard of Gods powerful presence of Israel and trusted the instruction – faith
– Rahab did what she was told by giving the messengers another way out so they would not be seen – works
– both were required and her promises were fulfilled

Key Takeaway

Faith without works is pointless
Works without faith are self-righteous
“Faith by your works” James 2:18 – is pleasing to God

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