Our Story

I, Christopher Jones, created Equippd out of a need. I was coaching football and found that with sports there was a lack of spiritual direction for the kids for the simple fact of not offending everyone. So I decided to train kids on the side while giving them guidance and direction from a biblical perspective. I physically trained kids for about 2 years and it got to the point where non-Christian parents were reaching out to have their kids trained for the sports but did not want the spiritual guidance and that went against everything that I believed in. I would train the kid's anyone and equip them for sports and when the opportunity arose inserted my testimony to help them understand my perspective.

There came a day when one of my athletes asked me about a scripture and I did not have the answer so I had to look up the scripture on my phone and we found it and decided to remember it together. We would ask each other what the scripture was and in the beginning, we had to look it up a couple more times until we had it memorized all the way through. This is what sparked the idea for what Equippd is today.

I decided to steer Equippd in the direction of equipping believers with the knowledge and understanding of scripture through what we are put in front of every single day... Our clothes. When we buy clothes, we always consider the color, the size, the style, and how that shirt will make us look better. With Equippd, you can now enjoy the style of the shirt but based on the artwork on the shirt it will help you remember a specific scripture that is tied to that specific shirt.

The long-term goal of Equippd is to create a lifestyle that everyone desires to know the word of God more. Whether it is through apparel, devotions, videos, forums, it does not matter but more importantly, encourage everyone to WANT to know God's word more for the sake of growing their faith, glorifying God, and becoming more like Jesus and impacting the world for the sake of God's Kingdom.

The scripture that represents Equippd For Eternity is Hebrews 13:21 which states, "May he equip you with everything you need for doing His will. May He produce in you, through the power of Jesus Christ every good thing that is pleasing to Him. All glory to him forever and ever! Amen.

Learning God's word and living it out is pleasing to Him. The Equippd Lifestyle will do just that. #GetEquippd