What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit?

What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit? - Equippd

This study on the Holy Spirit is a very important one for the simple fact that we should be led by the Holy Spirit. To be led by the Holy Spirit, we must be filled with the Holy Spirit so that it can lead properly. Sin gets in the way of allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and it is for a number of reasons that we allow sin to hold the place that should be occupied by the Holy Spirit. After reading “The Holy Spirit” by Billy Graham, here are our key takeaways.

We are to understand God’s truths

Paragraph about God’s truths

We are to submit 100% of ourselves to Christ

Paragraph about submitting ourselves

We submit through confession and repentance. Confessing and repentance is a big part of our walk that some fail to do. Because repentance is not just saying I’m sorry but actively removing whatever is t of God and replacing it with what is Godly.

I thought of Jesus as Savior being our Salvation, but Jesus as Lord being what we do and how we live and is He using and guiding us? And this goes into the fact that the filling of the Holy Spirit should be a reality every day of our lives. We must surrender to His will daily.

We must walk by faith so that we are filled.

Paragraph on walking by faith

Applicable Takeaways

My biggest takeaway is that we don’t fill ourselves with the spirit but we empty ourselves of sin so that the Holy Spirit can have complete control of us. To empty ourselves we must confess & repent of all sin. Meaning confess to God that it is a sin that we have and intentionally turn away from it. And ALL sin that we are aware of. Big or small, empty ourselves of it. As we grow in our faith God will reveal to us our sin as we begin to clear our sin bucket out.

My biggest takeaway was: the “Who is ruling my life, self or Christ” portion. Because Christ is our savior when we accept Him but He is our Lord when He is leading and using us for His will as we submit our full life to Him. Are we at His disposal with all of our time?

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